Hang on this Halloween with Personalised Lanyards UK

Personalised Lanyards

Celebrate in style this Halloween with Pumpkins, ghosts and skeletons that gathered around to spice up 2016. Check out our new range of lanyards, badges and wristbands. 

The Long lasting spooky lanyards are now at an affordable price just one click away.

Let’s Rock the Halloween spirit everywhere whether you put your keys on spooky keychains and lanyards or wear a wristband that glows in the dark at Personalised Lanyards UK you can order the wanted ones in seconds.

The variety of logos and colours this Halloween will make you stand out wherever you are.

Remember that bones don’t have pockets, so you better keep your things close with a Skeleton Halloween Lanyard!

How to make the most of this Halloween?

Simply get some promotional accessories to go with your outfit this year and you will make Halloween worth talking about. 

Everyone is looking for the best costume on Halloween. Dress to impress is the key code but if you add a bit of glow in the dark and theme branded accessories you will definitely attract the attention of all around.  At Personalised Lanyards UK you can create your own unique lanyards or ask a specialist for advice and tips. Nothing is impossible when it comes to creativity and originality, simply get in touch with us if you need convincing. From plain lanyards to woven or dye sub ones the Personalised Lanyards UK team is always eager to help. 

Halloween is not just for kids, it can be just as rewarding for adults too. The excitement of a themed party makes everyone compete in outfits and costumes of all sorts. Remember never to lose your passes, keys or phone during a party. It can be worrying and might ruin the fun so get your personalised lanyards and keep all things together in one place.

HA HA Halloween is here!

Are you a vampire, ghost or a monster? Maybe a zombie, a demon or a just a pumpkin?

This Halloween we have something for everyone. From simple plain lanyards with logos to mystic glow-in-the-dark ones for a braver holder. Organise your party in style. Get some reusable treats for your guests and make them remember the day.

We are delighted to introduce this brand new range of Halloween lanyards for 2016. These fantastic designs features lanyards with Halloween slogans. The stripes can be red, grey, yellow and green. A really fun Halloween design! These types of lanyards are a professional and convenient way of wearing identity badges. It is a strong material strap, which is soft to wear and can be printed with fantastic designs.

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