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Product description
Nylon Lanyards are the most recognized type of lanyard around the world. Plain nylon lanyards can offer the best value for promoting and securing your organization. Nylon lanyards are very similar to polyester but appear shinier and are thicker in texture. Imprints and logos stand out more against the shiny background and are a good choice for situations in which you really want the lanyards to stand out.
Nylon lanyards are cheap versatile because they can be plain, custom or pre-printed, and feature many attachment options. Personalisedlanyards.co carries a huge selection of nylon Lanyards and offers competitive pricing, bundle discounts and a price match guarantee.
As one of our high value and cost efficient options, nylon lanyards offer customers more for their money. They are a perfect match for most detail text and logo printing. These custom printed lanyards are very similar to imprinted polyester lanyard but when compared, these have a shinier appearance and allow your logo or text to shimmer and shine.
Available Accessories
Clip LT-01

Clip LT-02

Clip LT-03

Clip LT-04

Clip LT-05

Clip LT-06

Clip LT-07

Clip LT-07

Clip LT-07

Clip LT-07

Clip LT-07

Clip LT-07

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