Benefits of personalised lanyards

Benefits of Personalised Lanyards

In the beginning, some of our clients had this question in mind: What are the benefits of issuing personalised lanyards? Our answer to them: quite a fair few. Plain or personalised lanyards offer multiple benefits for your organization and for the individual which is wearing it. In this article, we want to outline some benefits of using lanyards in any workplace environment.

Which are the Benefits of Personalised Lanyards?

1. Security

There are a lot of companies which are using personalised lanyards to attach a photo ID or a security access badge that will allow access to different parts of the building. The person who is wearing them can be identified quickly and will reduce the risk of a security breach.

2. Brand Visibility

All the businesses need to use all the methods to stand out in from of their clients. If someone from your organisation meets a potential client or they are outside on the road most of their working hours, then personalised lanyards with text and your company logo will increase your brand awareness significantly.

3. Trust

There is a good saying that people in the sales world often say that customers do not buy the product, but they buy the person who sold them. Some of the UK’s biggest corporations are an example of this, and they have recently updated their policies, and now they are using for their staff which is on the field, photo ID along with lanyards.

4. Positioning

In general, the lanyards are positioned at eye level, because of this it makes them extremely difficult not to see them. For example, if people from your company are using public transport to reach the office then a benefit of lanyards is the positioning in the market and will increase the awareness of your brand.

5. Cost-effective

The investment required to personalise the lanyard for your company it is low compared with other promotional products available on the market. If you plan to buy printed lanyards in bulk, these promotional giveaway products will become a very cost-effective solution for your marketing campaign and will give your brand a more professional look.
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