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    A silky, soft lanyard material is combined with high-quality reflective material to create the ultimate safety lanyard! The Reflective Lanyard utilizes a hi-vis coat, making it reflective when light shines on it.
    They are available in 7 standard colours (White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow & Purple). The reflective lanyards can also be pantone-matched to a colour of your own choice. Your chosen Lanyard can also be branded with a screen printed logo in up to 4 colours and includes your choice of lanyard clip as standard. We have many attachment options and high quality art and production.
    The lanyard not only has a quality surface printed replication of your artwork but can be printed onto our special reflective material to create a truly eye catching lanyard.
    The manufacture process is the same as for our screen printed lanyards, the only major difference is we add a reflective strip to the centre of the lanyard and then print on top of that. This then brings that extra attention to your design, logo or message. We can match to an existing design or you can take advantage of our experienced design team who can create artwork from your specification.
    Our custom reflective lanyards are one of our best products. We use special reflective material that shines brightly under any visible light in low light scenarios. These lanyards are extremely robust and will last for a long time. Our Custom Safety Reflective Lanyards are the perfect choice when visibility is a concern. They are ideal for construction, schools, trade shows, fundraisers or outdoor personnel.
    Available Accessories
    Clip LT-01

    Clip LT-02

    Clip LT-03

    Clip LT-04

    Clip LT-05

    Clip LT-06

    Clip LT-07

    Clip LT-07

    Clip LT-07

    Clip LT-07

    Clip LT-07

    Clip LT-07

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