Lanyards for Fundraising and Charities

Lanyards for Fundraising and Charities

Lanyards for Fundraising and Charities

Lanyards are a great compliment to grace your event whether it’s official or unofficial. In reference to their usage, they can warm up your activities and make you look organised, neat and presentable. In this article, our aim is to establish how personalised and branded lanyards can be used for fundraising and charity events. To start with, these two activities tend to attract masses of people from different walks of life and it’s good to note that these people hold different positions in various organisations.

Let’s say that you have planned a charity or fundraising event, you will have a list of your prominent guests, right? So the question here is, are you going to print out their names on badges and dish them out to each individual? Of course for some good public image and protocol, branded lanyards or personalised lanyards can be of good use.

Branded lanyards can help us raise a lot of money for the two events if well branded. The ultimate goal for these events is to raise money and get donations so as to keep these organisations going. Both personalised and branded lanyards can be sold at the various lanyards accessories. The organisers of these events can personalise lanyards inform of various businesses, hospitals,schools,retail shops, factories and any other offices with their names so that they sell and the cash given back to charity. Though this can be achieved after obtaining permission from the various stakeholders in authority. Another alternative is for the fundraiser campaign team to make branded lanyards for individuals such as doctors, teachers, nurses, names of their pets and many other individuals who might be interested.

With this initiative, more money will be raised through lanyards because most people cannot refuse to make their contributions towards charities and by seeing their names or businesses well-crafted on lanyards, they can’t fail to honors their requests. Personalized lanyards can be used more as a campaign tool for fundraising. This can be achieved by making them in bead form which in turn will attract women who love jewelry a lot and pay attention to detail too. This may also include their pictures too which may make some to have a soft spot and with your permission conduct for you these activities in their hometowns. This can be done by indicating where the money is to be sent on the personalized lanyards and request that more lanyards be delivered unto them.

In conclusion, I think it’s a great idea to use lanyards for fundraising and charity events; both personalized and branded. In case of a charity event that you will be involved in, I won’t mind getting a personalized lanyard to support you!

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