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    Lanyards For Schools! Know your staff! Stay Organised! At Personalised Lanyards UK we offer cost effective products for schools, such as lanyards, badge holders, wristbands, and lots of accessories to match your school. Identifying students, teachers and visitors in a school or university increases the security and visibility on the premises. Wearing your school’s lanyard helps promote and ease the student life by keeping all things in one place, like student cards, keys or passes. Whether you are a student, a teacher or just part of the school’s staff you most probably have to wear a lanyard in order to be identified easily by anyone around. Not just for safety reasons but also for an easy recognition and identification our lanyards are the best choice. Lanyards can have a wide and varied use and the possibilities are truly endless. They have a great range of practicalities in different settings and for schools, universities and academies is no different. Here at Personalised Lanyards UK we can guide you through all the finishes and lanyards types and help you choose the right lanyard for the right setting.

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