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Product description
The woven lanyards are elegant personalised lanyards available in 4 width sizes from 10 mm up to 25 mm and are highly recommended for simple logos to maximise the visual impact of your company or brand.
When your design involves finer detail we would recommend that you use these Lanyards. The design is stitched onto a soft ribbon and then sewn onto a backing ribbon concealing the back of the back of the stitching. This gives you more choice when designing your artwork.
These rugged lanyards are made of high quality woven polyester which is very different from the printed lanyards making them more eye-catching. The advantage of it is that the design will never come off no matter what the lanyards goes through. You can select your attachments and clips from our Accessories List.
Woven lanyards are though and hardwearing that proudly display your embroidered logo or message in clear weave colours. They are increasingly popular due to their quality feel and finish. The embroidery process is designed for simple logos or texts. Whether it’s for security, design or giveaways our lanyards are woven for you.
Available Accessories
Clip LT-01

Clip LT-02

Clip LT-03

Clip LT-04

Clip LT-05

Clip LT-06

Clip LT-07

Clip LT-07

Clip LT-07

Clip LT-07

Clip LT-07

Clip LT-07

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